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Writing is one way of increasing creativity & happiness

December 5, 2015 - 1 minute read -
Happiness Experience

I stopped writing blog since 2008 when Yahoo! 360 closed down and everyone in Vietnam switched to use Facebook. However, Facebook is not really a place that I find interesting enough to write blog and at that time I was busy with my plans so I stopped writing thing.

When I read the book 50 seconds by Richard Wiseman recommended by my friend and brother LVH, this book gives us a lot small tips which you can apply intermediately in 50 seconds to make you feel happier. One of those tips is to write a blog / diary everyday. Prof. Wiseman suggests that when we write, we actually experience a progress of creativity inside our brain which helps us to be better at brainstorming. Moreover, writing down moments of life will keep our mind organized. Normally, when we only says and acts in life, our mind is a mix of chaos. And now, thanks to writing, we can keep our mind a bit cleaner to give better decisions.

Until now I am able arrange time to write blog again, I start this blog. I am not a writer, author or good copy writer so I am not so good at writing. Nevertheless, I will still write to just share my happiness, my intersting findings and knowledge that I collect during life journey.

It’s quite late and I need to count the sheep now !!! Cya!