My full name is Nguyen, Manh Quoc Anh, or just call me Anh! I was born on August, 16, 1989 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam but I am living and working as a Fullstack Software Engineer in Brisbane, Australia. I first started programming since I was 15. I love making things and that’s why I chose to follow my career path as a Software Innovator so I can make anything that people need. I believe that lines of code have deep impact to people lives. From small things as smartphone or bigger things as Airplanes and Space Towers; all of those need computer programs to execute. Therefore, I am always feel happy when seeing everyone improving even small part of their lives by using the products that I have been contributed in.

Career Journeys

I consider jobs as journeys where I have been spending great time with my colleagues. I learn a lot from them, from the journeys itself and from all mistakes I made. Even though some of that journey was not as expected but I never regret any because they are all the important pieces of my life puzzle.

  • Outfit (Sep 2015 - Now) - Full-stack Software Engineer

    • react, redux, webpack, es2016, babel
    • mocha, jsdom
    • ruby, rails, sinatra, swift
    • docker, microservices, ansible, amazon web services
  • AgencyRevolution (Feb 2015 - Aug 2015) - Full-stack Software Engineer

    • nodejs, golang, micro-services, rethinkdb, couchdb, influxdb
    • react, redux, es2015, gulp, webpack
  • CloudJay (Sep 2013 - Jan 2015) - Founder & Product Lead

    • python, django, angularjs, bower
    • google appengine, google cloud platform, pubnub
    • lean startup, product management,
    • Investments from JFDI Acceleration Program
  • Lifebox (Nov 2012 - Aug 2013) - Founder & Hacker

    • 1st prize BlackBerry Jamhack Vietnam
    • 3rd prize BlackBerry Jamhack Asia Pacific
    • Investments from mLab, World Bank
    • jquery mobile, qnx, python, django, heroku
  • HPT Vietnam - eSuccess (June 2012 - Feb 2013) - R&D Team Lead

    • talent management, human capital management, goal management systems
    • asp.Net mvc, worflow, knockoutjs, jquery
  • VinaDigital (Aug 2011 - May 2012) - Software Dev Team Lead

    • Support extenstion system for Microsoft Lync
    • Web design & consultant services
    • Technologies: wcf, wpf, lync, mvc
  • Microsoft Student Partner (Oct 2007 - Oct 2011) - Team Lead & Trainer

    • Organize Microsoft events and trainings in over 40 Vietnam universites
    • ASP.NET MVC & Silverlight trainer
    • 1st prize Microsoft Imagine Cup Vietnam 2010 in Software Design
    • Compete as worldwide ImagineCup finalist in Warsaw, Poland

Nguyen, Manh Quoc Anh (nmqanh)
Software Engineer && Innovator